Does water have a fourth phase, beyond solid, liquid and vapor? Yes, indeed. And can it cure ailments and reverse pathologies? It seems so, theoretically thus far. But such a simple mechanical device, with no filter, takes out the toxins through sunlight and basic science. This phase isn’t unusual and is found throughout nature, everywhere, most importantly found in your cells. If you’re not healthy, you lack this fourth phase of water. If you don’t have this fourth phase of water in your body, how do you restore this water in your cells?


Video – Dr Gerald Pollack’s explanation

This 4th phase of water has a consistency of a goey gel.

4th Phase water.

4th Phase water.

This mechanical device should indeed be easily assembled. First thing to get is a Hydrophilic [a strong affinity with water i.e. hydrophilic polymers] tube in which we insert another tube. This 4th Phase water is then siphoned off and the toxic water flows into another container [below]


This is the same device as seen through a microscope.


This 4th Phase Water device would have the application of filtering toxic water in those parts of the world were contamination is rife. Another application would be to put it directly onto your house tap or even the water tank outside. I am yet to learn whether it filters fluoride!..but feel that it should, given the nature of the device. Another use would be for Free Energy.[see below] I am not sure that this device would drive anything greater than a light bulb. This will advance in the future where we see devices in our homes that charge the whole house…for free. Yipeee!

free energy


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