the jesuits

The Jesuits are the folk running the whole show world-wide since time immemorial. Here is a video of Karen Hudes talking about this invisible (not for long) group. She says a lot about them in relation to humanity and how we’ve been duped. Money makes the world go ’round. The obvious is we need financial security. It’s been set up that way, unfortunately. Money has been taken away from us. jesuitsPlanBEFORE ZIONISM, MOST CHRISTIANS AND JEWS WERE PRO-PALESTINIAN
Few people realize that, as recently as 120 years ago, virtually every religious Jew was essentially anti-Zionist. Orthodox Jews agreed that, because of their sins, God allowed their ancestors’ expulsion into the world. They also agreed it was God’s will that they remain in exile and not return to Palestine until collective repentance had occurred. They agreed, as Jeremiah warned, that they should not listen to the rebellious voice of those who advised them, contrary to God’s decree, to return to Jerusalem and retake the land. (Jer. 29:8-9) Instead, they should wait until the Messiah comes. He would reinvigorate their piety and lead them once again to their promised land…More..


Yeah…I know…it’s awful..! but TRUE…



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9. Karen Hudes ———————————————— exposé on the Jesuits and their reach


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