bedFriday 21 February 2014 – Just woke up it’s 6.30am. Too early for my liking. This is my routine. A little bit of insomnia and a little bit of age angst.Four hours is maximum sleep. I hate that. These days society reveres youth. The wisdom is with the elderly and under utilised. There is a disconnect between young and old. Indigenous tribes have the whole family living together. I go to my computer and look for friends online to chat to or watch TV until I get bored witless and go back to bed. By this time it’s mid afternoon, given that I go to bed around 9am. I have tried countless times to find work, just to be a part of society but what’s on offer isn’t what I want. Besides…there is no way I will work for some organisation pumping out meaningless crap for no one. There is nothing remotely interesting, both spiritually and emotionally and trying to be inspired doesn’t cut it. So here I am, in a time of my life that I thought would never come. It has come. It will come for us all, eventually. As a younger person, I always blocked that out and just lived for the moment. Anyway enough of that! This part of my blog will be daily, short comments about the day I’m experiencing. Thoughts about events local and global. I’ve noticed that we here in Canberra (the capital of Australia) haven’t had any Chemtrails for 2 months [nearly 3mths now]. I check the skies daily and nothing! That’s a good thing for those in the know. And for those who’s necks never look up…pfttt!….

I’ve been paying attention to the media and with my ears close to the ground been observing little snippets of information. What I’ve observed is all of those conspiracy theories past are starting to materialise. One by one, those folk that don’t see past their jobs and paycheck are starting to open their vocal chords and discuss events like corruption on a realistic level. People are starting to wonder and asking questions. There are more honest people in authoritative places who impact others to climb aboard the people’s train. The 100th monkey will materialise shortly. I am a bit anxious as to when!

Saturday 22 February 2014 – well, another night…much like the other nights. Looking hard at information and distributing it wide and far. A friend is here and we talk about sweet nothings. Another friend is on Skype. We all get into the swing of things. Much-to-do-about-nothing. Watching a movie about the big ‘O’ in USA. Skype friend has gone. Other friend saddened. Me? coma-toasted. To and fro, the telling is told. An outpouring of stuff. Went for a drive. Came back. Still nothing. Nothing on the horizon, but a few snippets of info. A lull. A calm before the storm. My brain is numb from the ordinary. The same old shit repackaged. The reporting. Reports. Evidence. Stories. The past. Regurgitating. Vomiting. Smelling. Repugnant. Stench. Can’t take anymore of this. Have to have a break. A substantial break. Get my sleep back. These late night aren’t’ good. Too one sided. Give. Give. When I suffer it’s wrong. Taking it all back. Get disciplined. People are counting on me. Have to let some people go. For a while at least, until I get back to something resembling normalcy. Being led by the heavens. Bow to that. My so called friend, more like an acquaintance of sorts takes my spirit away. Their demeanor is destructive. Have to be alone. Finally alone. Peace. Be seein’ ya!

Sunday 2 March 2014 – Just went to the shops. Had to come back due to the fact that I left my wallet at home. Yeah..funny. Cooking later than I usually do, but then my life has not been that usual. Being away from acquaintances has been a relief. My Skype friend hasn’t been what I would call altogether appropriate. I try not to make judgements but it’s hard not to take a stand on principles that you have honed and developed over a long period of time. Perhaps it’s just my insecurities that fueled my disapproval’s and to some extent it is but I’m a person that respects peoples wishes, especially if they are reasonable.

Tuesday 4 March 2014 – I got excited about a video on UNoob with David freakin’ Willcocks where he was interviewing a retired (I think) military dude who was an insider and whilstleblower. He talked for a long time with DW and told of how, through legal means was or is going to take down the bad guys as he claimed. I thought about this long and hard. Went on DW’s site and there were others saying the same thing. BS. I got my hopes up and then they were let down.David Willcocks is such a pussy and his devotees are likewise sheeple. I can understand people wanting someone to lead but…there comes a time when we all have to take the lead role here…Oh my god, I went to all of these sites just to check their credentials but couldn’t find anything. Update: 30 Dec 17 – I’ve found that David Willcocks has been an ultimatum “shut up or we will shut you up”. He has become irrelevant since. He is gay, not that that matters for anything. Just saying.

Friday 21 March 2014 – When the person I’m talking to doesn’t hear what I just said, then they’re like “what did you say?” and I’m like “nothing!”…..and they wont stop asking “what?” and I’m like “get outta ma face”!Oh well…A day without sunshine is like, you know, night…hahaha!

Monday 24 March 2014 – There is new concept of an old idea called Social Benefit Bonds. Both private and public funding could invest in this. The government or private business invests up front in these public projects and are only paid if the project meets its benchmarks and achieves its objectives. This is called Philanthro-capitolism. Re-entry programs (i.e. helping jail inmates get back into society) are much like a day late and a dollar short and better to educate first instead of later but this could benefit society as a whole further down the line. The old system transfers the already welfare poor to the working poor in the current system. It will be made to just look successful and be made to pay for a system that is inefficient. Governments are broke and we have to ask why are they broke? We don’t need to go to the financial sector  for investments cos they call the shots they choose the programs..uh uh! They get a return on investments instead of the public and you then get capitalism trumping democracy. The public lose.

Saturday 29 March 2014 – well another dreary day. Cold and raining. As the saying goes “as slow as a wet week”. I am experiencing slight cabin fever for being indoors way too long. Time for bed. Nothing to report t’day I’m afraid. Too tired!. Oh..I know..played Black Ops Call of Duty all day long…haha…! yeah I know…ewww!!

Friday 4 April 2014 – I’ve been reading and watching a lot of opinion pieces online, by respected academics and intelligent scholars and just normal common sense folk with a way of telling it like it is. Once you’ve been online for a while, you get a feel what’s BS and what’s the real deal. Even so, I still reserve my right to decide one way or the other. I am not pro this or that, just fair. One knowledgeable academic woman described how the Malaysian plane that disappeared. It was a lengthy video and she went on to say pretty much what the rest of the blog community are saying. The USAF developed and tested an exotic laser weapons system on the same day, right under that plane. The day before, they advertised/marketed this technology to the world. Russia on the other hand had their own sophisticated weaponry and this seemed like a “keeping up with the Jones” scenario. The Queen visited the Pope. God knows what that was about. We can only assume it wasn’t about the Queen holidaying in Rome. Russia is holding firm and so it should when threatened. I have links in my Science category.

Wednesday 9 April 2014 – Well, Tony rang me yesterday and said “we are going to go ahead and fix your kitchen and dining room. He is from the Department of Housing. I rent from them. I have waited for 3 years to get the floor fixed, amongst other things. Originally I had a linoleum floor which was in excellent condition but I was conned into changing it to sheets of floor tiles. Now, these tiles are brittle and are suitable for concrete floors only, which is a flat, hard surface. I have wooden floors and the brittle tiles  buckle under the wood expanding and contracting. I pointed this out to them but that fell on deaf ears. So, last Friday 4 April, I had, had enough and I rang the Chief Minister (No. 1 person in parliament). She has a radio program on the nations ABC Radio where people can call in with their complaints. I did that. I waited to talk with the Chief Minister but the phones were busy that day. The producer of the radio station said would I like to leave my phone number and they would call you back. Sure. That didn’t happen. So again, I let it go thinking that nothing ever is going to come of it. After one week, Tony from housing rings me and organises the lot. I told him that if this didn’t happen asap that I would call the Chief Minister again and that he wouldn’t want that. He crawled and said ok, it will be done asap. So hopefully all will be fixed in a week or two. The thing is that why should it get to the point that the public have to go to dumb levels just to get something done. The Chief Ministers Office has clout and obviously rang housing and told them to smarten up their act or else. Lol. Now I have to get the rest of my place fixed, like the driveway, the leaking taps and rusty drains. Good grief, what a pain it is to deal with the government.

Sunday 20 April 2014 – Easter time, a time for celebration, yet we again see pandemonium and grief in every corner of the planet. Everyone I talk to has some issue. It’s everywhere and we still balk at looking deeper. Here is a transcript that was taken from the Australian ABC Radio National program last night which sheds light on inequality.

80505John Jureidini: While some have indeed suffered greatly, most Australians have experienced historically unprecedented levels of privilege. We may have worked hard for our achievements, but our current wealth and health have almost certainly come at a cost to others.
As a child psychiatrist, I see the damage done to both the winners and the losers in our unequal society. My task today is to chart a decent response to this inequality.
Decent is a difficult word. It carries an unwelcome implication of being buttoned up, one definition being: “satisfying the general standard of propriety”; as in, for example, dressing decently. Decency shouldn’t preclude vigorous protest in the face of inequity, but labeling actions as indecent is sometimes used to rebuke legitimate protest or transgressive behaviour. I want no part of that.
To be decent is close to being kind and generous. But what our unequal society especially requires of us is to behave towards others in a way that is fair and proportionate. I accept the proposition that a decent person cannot be a person who’s gotten away with something … cannot have what it is not appropriate for them to have.

richNow this creates a problem, because I do have more than my share, and I have it because of our current or historical exploitation of others.
So where do we find guidance about a decent response to this moral predicament?
Not from our political leaders or our most influential media (more of that later). As with most things psychological, truth about decency is often found in fiction. This is partly because many decent acts are carried out privately and therefore escape our attention.
If my identical twin is dying of kidney failure and I refuse to give up a kidney, this is disproportionate, and will be rightly seen as a failure of decency on my part; but no one can sue me.
At times, it takes great personal sacrifice to do only what is ‘proportionate’. In Nazi Germany, to act decently towards a Jew could be heroic.ballofmoney The concept of decent intentions holds very little weight; “virtue never tested is no virtue at all” and we are judged by our actions. I know how I would like to have acted in 1930s Berlin, but I cannot be confident that my actions would have been different from those of the average German.
Decent acts are kind and generous, but more importantly, they are selfless. Consider two employers, the first has a profitable business, while the second is on the verge of bankruptcy. Both take care to ensure that their employees are paid a fair wage. On the surface their behaviour is indistinguishable, and so may be their character and their intent. Both act in proportion to what they judge to be their responsibility toward the other person, and to that extent each has acted decently. But for the employer with the thriving business, the fair treatment of his workers is painless. Therefore, there is a sense in which only the struggling employer has fully earned the title of decent, because only she has truly paid a personal price in the course of discharging her responsibility.

justicecriminalPolitics and the media provide few models for decent action, but they teach us a lot about indecency. Malcolm Fraser (Australian Politician) describes the ‘demeaning and miserable debate’ that encourages us to fear difference, to favour self over citizenship, and to do things ‘for our family’ rather than for society. Three forms of indecency are strongly promoted by both major political parties, and The Australian newspaper in particular – nationalism, globalisation, and the celebration of personal wealth. These ideas hurt many of the children that I work with and they compromise us as a society.
With regard to nationalism, one of the few poets that I can understand:All_Blacks_logo1
“If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.”All_Blacks_logo1

The Latin phrase quoted by Wilfred Owen, can be translated as: “it is sweet and decent to die for your country”. This is indeed a great lie, one that has cost countless lives. It can be decent to die for a child, for a friend, or for justice. But I cannot see how dying or killing for Australia confers decency on that death. So too, we should think twice about the absolute priority we set for ‘the national interest’. Is loss of life, suffering or joy across the border a lesser event than in our own country? Like ‘putting my family first’, nationalism is often a rationalisation for personal greed and hostility towards strangers.

Second, globalisation. My underpants are comfortable and very cheap. This luxury is a product of the same circumstances that led to the death of a thousand people when an eight storey sweatshop collapsed in Bangladesh last year. The dead were amongst the 3 million Bangladeshis sewing garments for around a dollar a day. It is interesting that we get much more angry about the harm done by people smugglers, who bring us a commodity that we don’t want (refugees), than we do with sweat shop owners, who give us commodities that we do want (cheap underpants).

integrityWhen I was growing up, public displays of wealth seemed to be regarded as slightly shameful. Now wealth is promoted as a virtue, and even as what God wants for us (or anyway some of us). Wealth is at its most indecent when there is a failure to adequately acknowledge the contribution of good luck. We are mostly comfortable in taking credit for our successes, but look to blame circumstances for our failures. The same prominent financiers who had claimed to have eliminated chance from investment, blamed the Global Financial Crisis on ‘bad luck’.

stop fraudOn the other hand, Norwegians have a saying: ‘luck is loaned, not owned’. This might help to understand Norway’s thoughtful investment of its oil windfall. We find few parallels in Australia. Instead our most financially fortunate industrialists say things like “If you are jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make money yourself – spend less time drinking, smoking and socialising and more time working”.
We Australians consume massively more than an equal share of resources. While philanthropy does not confer decency, we should give, either to those who are deprived, or to contribute to repairing the environment.

Giving has tax advantages as well as moral ones. Therefore, I envisage a sliding scale. Those with gross salary over $80,000 might give 5%, 10% of gross salary over $150,000, and 20% above $250,000. What about the very rich? Since they don’t pay much tax, their contribution should be as a percentage of real disposable income. At least 80% of disposable income is proportionate and therefore decent, representing only a fraction of their net assets, and falling significantly short of Warren Buffett’s undertaking to give away 99 per cent of his total wealth.

skullbonesAll of us, not just nationalists or neo-cons, have the capacity to act according to fear and greed rather than fairness. When we perceive the world as hostile and dangerous, we can justify ruthless self-interest. We have learnt from a century of observation and research in child development that this ruthlessness is adaptive in early infancy. But with maturation, it should give way to a very different attitude – empathic concern for others, and a desire to make reparation for damage done, both of which characterise decency.
To respond with empathy, particularly when it involves people who ‘aren’t like us’, often requires more than immediate emotional sympathy. Working to become empathic demands imagination, recognition of the role of luck in determining people’s circumstances, and a capacity to tolerate healthy but potentially uncomfortable feelings like anger, shame and sadness.

handBecause being empathic is demanding and potentially painful, we are all subject to retreating from it, perhaps to a state dominated by fear and self-interest, or to despair, or manic excitement and the reckless pursuit of personal happiness and achievement. We then become less than decent.
So, to lead a more decent life requires that we face-up to inconvenient truths, including that we are using more than our fair share. We must replace our sense of entitlement with gratitude for good fortune, making us more likely to want to give. And when we do give, it should be an act of selfless kindness, rather than currying favour.

Being decent entails being curious about the complex circumstances of strangers, like asylum seekers, rather than turning a blind eye or reacting with slogans, like ‘border protection’.
Acting decently requires tolerating uncertainty rather than seeking pat solutions, such as dividing Syrians into ‘goodies and baddies’. Decent action will be based on seeking out authentic stories rather than the passive acceptance of what is fed us by the Murdoch media.
Decent people do what they ought, rather than what they want.

Robyn Williams: Jon Jureidini is Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide. He gave the Australian Refugee Association oration this year. The book on inequality I mentioned before is Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty.

sl_logo_rotate_blackThursday 22 April 2014 – I want to talk about an virtual online social media concept that is rather fascinating. It is called Second Life. What happens there is, firstly you open an account, select an avatar that you can change through-out your time there and meet other like minded folk. There are different locations and themes you can visit. There are shops you can purchase items like clothes, houses, cars and animations of sorts to enhance your experience. It is very addictive but patience is needed. It requires a real effort to understand the culture and get to know how to perform certain tasks. It is not for everyone but for those that want to interact with others and meet people then this is a nice way to do it.

sl_logo_rotate_blackFriday 2 May 2014 -This Second Life experience is..well not that unique but a little unique in that the experience is the same as in real life. The exception being it’s virtual instead of face to face. I have been into Second Life for 6 weeks now. The first time it came out 10 years ago I didn’t like it as much as I do now. The place was underdeveloped so I took time off from it. Now its quite an experience. Lots of personal ones I might add. People want to be your friend and chat to you regularly while other people on your friends list go by the way side and don’t chat all that much. You can select a person to be your official girlfriend and announce it to the whole community. You can even get married and have babies. You can reflect this by obtaining a virtual baby, purchase a house, invite friends and experience those things in your life that for want of a better way of expression “missing”. I suppose there are people around the world that are lonely and have the internet to touch someone else. This in a way is sad that it has come to this but with how the world is going, I’m not at all surprised. The safety factor has diminished and people are a little fearful of going out. It’s only the young that venture out. It just goes to show how weird the world has become. Indeed, stranger than fiction.

Friday 6 June 2014 – Well I would like to talk about privacy. This thing we most treasure. The internet is full of spying by the powers to be. This should not happen. There is a backlash against this illegal activity. We all know what’s right and wrong, even though it still occurs. We put out our information everywhere, knowing it is being disseminated and collated. Because we can’t see it, we think it’s ok because we still do it. Now, how far would you disseminate your private information to your loved ones? Your family, your best friend or your personal boyfriend for example. Are there things you wouldn’t tell a soul and take that to your grave? Or are there no boundaries in terms of what you would tell. If you have a secret but a burning desire to tell someone about it for whatever reason, then you are risking your secret being exposed, either by accident of by deliberate action. We then tend to get most unhappy that they told someone without your permission or that you told them to tell no one whatsoever. Yet you were the one who disclosed the so called secret in the first place. For example…there is a scenario that is secret…that if it were told, then your friend would get into trouble with the government and fired or worse. The government employee and also your friend disclosed some inside information to you…just in the course of normal daily chat with them. They didn’t tell you not to tell anyone but that by its very wouldn’t want to tell a soul. This is a given. So you go and tell someone else and ask them to keep it a secret. They tell someone else. You get mad at them for telling. Now this is odd for you to get mad due to the fact that you were the second one that disclosed the information. This in it self is a breach of confidentiality right from the start. So you have no right to get mad at who you told. A secret is best kept a secret by not telling a soul. Now, if a personal and close girlfriend has a private and intimate chat with someone they just met on social media and doesn’t tell you because they claim that it’s “Private” then what is one to think about that? Is it fair enough to let it go and not demand disclosure? Should there be trust in that person that all was ok? If this dialogue was written and deleted due to fear or some other reason that it might be found out and responded with vehement consequences…what should one think of this? I find this to be outrageous, that on the one hand nothing supposedly bad or unfaithful happened yet on the other hand this dialogue was deleted for fear of recourse. Should one trust that person or will that be a thorn in the side of that relationship forever? Does one get back on their horse after this? or do you pursue this to the bitter end. Time will tell about the circles in the winter well.

sl_logo_rotate_blackThursday 3 July 2014 – My name in Second Life is Δ M Δ Ξ Z Ξ D. I am in Second Life (SL) daily. It churns up the data. About 5 Gigabyte a day, if you are there for 6-8 hours. It is highly addictive. Emails as a source of communication are one thing as is other social media outlets but having an instant response to chat is another ball game, especially when your avatar is there talking and fully clothed in modern attire and looking rather good. People can be what they like in SL and usually are. The culture duplicates Real Life (RL) very closely with face to face contact knowing someone is behind that avatar. People have been known to marry after meeting each other. People get jealous, possessive and outright nasty over their loved ones. Flirting is abundant and cheating more so. It is a meeting place for people but it is also a place where attacks are prevalent. These attacks are called “griefing” where someone with a bought program like “Torment” or “Maligna X HUD” can zero in on your avatar and crash your graphics card and boot you from SL. There are also hackers that try and get into your account. This is probably the worst of SL but there are a lot more good things. You can buy a house and land package and invite others to party with you or just have friends over. This requires pretending you are someone else but these days people don’t have that luxury in RL of ever achieving anywhere near what they can in SL. So in one sense it is a relief and somewhat beneficial to role-play your fantasies.

Sunday 31 2017 – Day before New Years – On Saturday I had my bank card swallowed up by the ATM machine at Dickson suburb. While walking towards the ATM a drunk male approached my wife and me. He was aggressive. While this tiff was going on and unbeknownst to me, my card got taken away from me. I couldn’t withdraw money and now have to wait until the Commonwealth Bank sends me a new card. Yes, a new card. I’ve had this card for nearly 20 years. I have to ring up creditors and supply them with the new bank card details. I have to transfer all my payers details over to the new account. This will take all day. Meanwhile I don’t have money. I went home and transferred all the money to another account. What an ordeal that was.Update: Sunday 7 Jan 2018 – went to the bank last Tuesday 2 Jan 2018 and got my card back easily. Then on Friday 5 Jan 2018 I received a letter with my new card inside. I thought for a minute then realised that my old card was inoperative as it had been cancelled. So I rang the bank and complained that the women advising me gave me the wrong information. She said “I couldn’t get my card back as it was cancelled by her which I didn’t authorise her to do and advised me that “I could never get my card back” and that a new one was being sent out to me. I asked to speak to the supervisor who told me that nothing would change. That all of my old passwords and creditors would remain the same. I was relieved but told her to issue a warning and re-train that woman again and anyone that didn’t know the banks advisory information.That took me 2 hrs on the phone.

Friday 9 Feb 2018. Last year, they took my dog Darthy for grabbing Carl’s arm. He has been incarcerated ever since. I get that the public need to feel safe, but Domestic Animal Services (DAS) have been anything but nice. There is so much to tell here. I have spoken and written about this for over 6 months and am rather tired of it. Seems I alone have lost the battle to get Darthy back whole. DAS seems to think desexing is a behavioural fix. Just going by the word alone suggests that it fits in with population control than the former.

Below is a video of Russell Brand giving the British elite kids a work-over and how he succinctly puts up an argument for the injustices and corruption that is rampant in ALL Governments and Corporations and yes of course I forgot…The Jesuits. Yes folks…the bastards of all time.

1. Russell Brand – this guy is like yeah…geezus! Update: 9 Feb 18. Once you get further up the pile, it’s hard not to get corrupted. You change your mind by rubbing shoulders with…them!



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  2. Way to stick up for yourself…all we ask is a little bit of respect and dignity for all the money these programs make off us. After all, us disabled, elderly and low income people are a byproduct by which our governments creates job for others, those others need to get off their duffs and do the jobs we the people pay them to do, they forget they work for us! They always seem to forget that part of the equation! Three years is far to long to be asking for help when the programs are already set up to help, these programs are put in place to take care of these things. You pay your rent you should get your needs met with out question and in a timely manner. By speaking out you have helped more then just yourself, we all thank you for your voice and your action! Be Well!


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