cloning_marijuana_buds A lot has been said about this herb. One being that it is classified as a drug. The black market is making big money, so why would they want to legalise it. It WAS a herb, it IS a herb and it WILL BE a herb. In fact Marihuana is more than a recreational herb, it’s helped heal cancer amongst a host of ailments that science is still researching…not for a cure but for dollars. Another thing…I don’t ever read on the front page of a newspaper: “MARIHUANA SMOKERS CAUSE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IN PLAZA”. The war on drugs has not worked. The war on drugs was a farce created by the elite to make money off of it. So it’s stupid saying the war on drugs hasn’t worked…the criminals don’t want it to work. In the 19th Century, you could get Marihuana at the local grocery store. It all ties in with the medical fraternity’s quest for pharmaceutical superiority. All pharmaceuticals are herbal based anyway.

Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?

In 1972, the US Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act because they considered it to have “no accepted medical use.” Since then, 20 of 50 US states and DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana.

Proponents of medical marijuana argue that it can be a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other conditions. They cite dozens of peer-reviewed studies, prominent medical organizations, major government reports, and the use of marijuana as medicine throughout world history.

Opponents of medical marijuana argue that it is too dangerous to use, lacks FDA-approval, and that various legal drugs make marijuana use unnecessary. They say marijuana is addictive, leads to harder drug use, interferes with fertility, impairs driving ability, and injures the lungs, immune system, and brain. They say that medical marijuana is a front for drug legalization and recreational use. That might be so but I fail to see any other legalised drug that hasn’t had a side effect, if not killed people outright. Give me a break. This sad old story dished out each time there is a push for legalisation. Look at the criminal justice system incarcerating those with one friggin’ joint in their possession. The jails are overloaded, the people pay for the upkeep of this system not to mention those that drugs haven’t solved it for them (i.e. oxycontin). 1.Pro’s and Con’s

weedtop-11 (1)The Cannabis (Hemp or Marijuana) plant is a renewable, sustainable, and versatile resource that has been overlooked and distorted for almost a hundred years….

When it comes to marijuana and legalization, one of the most important questions that is asked is “What about the children?”…That is our question too.

We feel that it is our children’s future, their lives, and their world that we are jeopardizing by not utilizing this plant to the fullest. We feel very strongly that we should stop lying to our children about Cannabis and trying to scare them into staying away from it. Education and open discussion will help our children learn to stay away from drugs, not fear.

morepillsWe feel we can teach our children to stay away from drugs, while at the same time being honest in the education we provide. We can teach them that it is an adult decision to consume recreational drugs, and that they are allowed to make their own decisions when they become adults. We feel we can help them to make educated choices when it comes to using recreational drugs and we want our loved ones, including our adult children, to have a safer recreational choice other than alcohol and tobacco.

We are tired of hiding our own use, whether medical or recreational, while other parents can openly take narcotics, drink alcohol, and smoke tobacco. We feel we can teach our kids that drugs are not for children, unless the child is ill, and then, as with any medicine, you get it through the pillWe are disgusted by the toxic choices we are limited to through traditional pharmaceutical medications. We are tired of not having the option of a safer alternative for our families than dangerous prescription drugs. We are fed up with poisoning ourselves and our loved ones with these drugs because there is no other option “legally” available. We are tired of our medicine being on the streets, instead of a pharmacy where it belongs.

We feel that we can teach our children to stay out of the medicine cabinet or out of the alcohol in the fridge and we can also teach our children to stay away from our Cannabis.pillsopen

We are tired of our children being arrested and locked away. We are tired of seeing the lives of our children, their educations, and their futures ruined because of their decision to experiment with a harmless plant instead of alcohol or harder drugs. We are sickened as we watch money being stripped away from our schools while the cost of this global drug war continues to skyrocket. We are fed up with the violence, the cost, the risks, and the inaccessibility of the black market. We are tired of contributing to the black-market because it’s our only option available. here take some

We are disgusted by the capability our children have in purchasing this drug because drug dealers do not check I.D. and are fed up with our children being exposed to hard and dangerous drugs because the black-market is the gateway, not Marijuana.bluepillWe are sick of being afraid that our children will be taken from us because of our use of a nontoxic plant. We are fed up with having to justify our use, or are done with society saying that we are bad mothers and are putting our children in danger. We know that we are good mothers, who care about our children, and this plant is not dangerous! The War on Drugs is dangerous.

We know that the Cannabis plant is not just about the drugs found in the flowers. We feel that its other uses also need to be discussed openly, and honestly, in every possible way. We are fed up with using non-biodegradable products derived from petroleum when there is a safe, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and versatile resource available. pillsWe are tired of this issue being skirted around, and laughed at, by our lawmakers. And we demand that it is time to take advantage of this valuable resource and provide our world with another crop, new “green” products, and a new source of jobs, taxes, and revenue.

We are moms and our number one concern is our children. We have done the research, we have analysed all evidence, and after using logical and critical thinking, we have decided that we are moms for Marijuana.largepillboxincartBut we are also more than just mothers. We are fathers, sons, and daughters, too. We are of every gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, social class, education, and religion. We are everyone who cares about the future of our society, the future of our planet, and especially the future of our children. And we are fed up with the ignorant, hateful stereotypes and false stigmas that surround this plant.

It is time to thoroughly research and openly discuss EVERYTHING about the Cannabis plant. It is time to make Cannabis consumption beneficial to our society and to start thinking about the future of our children. It is time to talk about this.

We have all seen the question “when do I harvest?” and the usual answer is when the hair is turning red. Here is a question for some of the veteran growers below…

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) gets a user high, a larger THC content will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don’t get high.
CBD (Cannabidiol) increases some of the effects of THC and decreases other effects of THC. High levels of THC and low levels of CBD contribute to a strong, clear headed, more energetic high.

Cannabis that has a high level of both THC and CBD will produce a strong head-stone that feels almost dreamlike. Cannabis that has low levels of THC and high levels of CBD produces more of a buzz or stoned feeling. The mind feels dull and the body feels tired.

When the plants are actively flowering, the resins contain a higher proportion of THC than during the vegetative stage. During the later stages, when flower production has slowed, THC is degrading to other related chemicals such as CBD. It is thought that THC is mainly responsible for the “high” and CBD for the more physical, “stony” sensations such as lethargy. If you want a clear high then harvest when approximately 35% of the pistils (little white hairs) have turned red or brown. If, on the other hand, you prefer the heavier hit you get from something like pakki-black resin then wait until 65% of the pistils have changed color.
QUESTION: Seeing as how Sativa is a more of a mental high and Indica is more of a physical high, would it make sense to harvest Sativa early and Indica later for optimal results?
BTW, here is what else you can find in your favourite herb…

CBN (Cannabinol) is produced as THC ages and breaks down, this process is known as oxidization. High levels of CBN tend to make the user feel messed up rather than high.
CBN levels can be kept to a minimum by storing cannabis products in a dark, cool, airtight environment.
THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is found primarily in strains of African and Asian cannabis. THCV increases the speed and intensity of THC effects, but also causes the high to end sooner. Weed that smells strong (prior to smoking) might indicate a high level of THCV.
CBC (Cannabichromene) is probably not psychoactive in pure form but is thought to interact with THC to enhance the high.
CBL (Cannabicyclol) is a degradative product like CBN. Light converts CBC to CBL.

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5. Ten Most Addictive SubstancesWake Up World

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15 thoughts on “Marijuana

  1. Just a heads up on Marijuana regulations in Canada, the same will happen in the US if this goes through…educate yourself so as to be aware. We don’t want regulations, let the people care for the people…we don’t need government involvement at all! The government like always is just looking for a way to make money off our demises. Keep the rights with the people! click here


    • Booze kills according to statistics and is a drug, yet is unclassified so. What I worry about are those personal, insignificant, daily events that hardly get a rap. You know…those fine moments where a person gets shut down by a friend or lover on booze. You often hear… “I’m not an alcoholic…I only drink 2 glasses a night…shhh dont mention those other drinkie poo’s I’ve sloshed down when no one was looking”. All alcoholics lie and deny. Then they say that young kids drink to get drunk…well that’s funny…cos when I drink…I want to get drunk. What is drunk but drinking your first sip. As soon as you have that sip…you’re drunk. Because you aren’t sober. Then there’s rolling drunk. Drunk is drunk and is not sober. Any amount of booze consumed is drunk. Lets not be splitting hairs here. From one sip to passing out. I dislike booze especially passive/violent lying boozers. The passive/violent alcoholics are the ones I worry about more. Their whole attitude is flawed. Their personalities is based on a big fat lie. As is their whole life. Marihuana on the other hand…………………………


      • Santana on UNoob

        The Santana_Story The Santana Story An­gels and Demons part­4

        The ups and downs of addiction is expressed greatly in the life of Carlos Santana growing up in the music world of playing in night clubs with his father, he has many memories of bad smells and abuse caused by alcoholism, however, his soul lead him through to trust his heart and the rest is history. Love is freedom…forgiveness the path to it! Carlos turned his pain into passion and rose above his life’s condition through music from his heart! Carlos was victorious in overcoming the negative affects of the alcoholism that surrounded him as a child. We can all learn from his example…Forgive the worst, change your sound and move on toward your goals with a song in your heart!


  2. The 10 Most Addictive Substances – Guess Which One is Not on the List?v- 21st March 2014 – By Marco Torres

    Guest Writer for Wake Up World

    There are so many addictive substances in our society that we humans love to portray as evil. We label them as such because of our tendencies and repetition towards anything that is considered to have negative consequences. We are never to be accountable for our actions or behavior–it’s always the drug or plant that is responsible and at fault for all our problems. Out of all the addictive substances we love to demonize, guess which one is rarely if ever a type of substance dependent drug?

    In the mental health profession’s “bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a diagnosis of cannabis dependence (a type of substance dependence) requires a person to meet a specific set of criteria.

    A number of investigators have addressed this issue and found that, unlike drugs such as crack, cocaine, or even nicotine, only a very small percentage of those who try marijuana will ever become addicted. On the following list, marijuana does not even come close to the substance and dependence abuse rates of the others listed.

    Many factors determine whether you’ll become addicted to a drug: your genetic makeup, social history, the drugs your friends take, how much money you make. But the chemical makeup of drugs guarantee that certain drugs are more addictive than others.

    A team of researchers led by professor David Nutt of London’s Imperial College once set out to determine which drugs were most harmful based on their addictive properties. The resulting article suggested that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than cannabis and ecstasy, and led to Nutt being fired as the UK’s top drug adviser. Now, Dutch scientists have replicated the London study and devised a “dependency rating” that measures the addictive potency of the biggest drugs out there on a precisely calibrated scale of 0-to-3.

    The 10 Most Addictive Substances:
    Source Reference:

    wakeup world


  3. “It is clear from the available data that cannabinoid receptors do exist and that they are present in mammalian tissues in high concentrations. Particularly important factors in the discovery of these receptors, have been the detection of large amounts of specific, high-affinity cannabinoid binding sites, appropriately distributed in the brain, and the cloning of a functional cannabinoid receptor. These findings are backed up by evidence that cannabinoids show a remarkable degree of chemical selectivity and stereoselectivity, that many of them are highly potent agents, that cannabinoids can interact with certain classical second messenger systems, and that the structural and geometric features of cannabinoid molecules governing their ability to interact with cannabinoid binding sites or second messenger systems closely resemble those thought to account for their characteristic pharmacological properties. That the cannabinoid receptor is a new class of receptor is indicated primarily by the finding that its amino acid sequence differs significantly from that of any other known type of receptor and by evidence that its recognition site shows a high degree of selectivity for cannabimimetic agents.”(25)


  4. “Cannabinoids have been shown to possess therapeutic potential in the treatment of emesis, cachexia, pain, muscle spasms, and other conditions, but psychotropic side effects preclude their widespread use. Development of high affinity and selective orthosteric or allosteric cannabinoid receptor ligands, restricting CNS penetration, or modulation of endocannabinoid concentrations by targeting the transporter, phospholipase D or FAAH proteins, may improve the therapeutic potential of modulating the cannabinoid receptor system.” – See more at: here


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