What can I say. Movies are my friend companion. I am in a world of my own. Reality sux and escaping into another world is fine. I like the magic and fantasy. It’s meditative. Half a dozen times a year there are those great movies that move and inspire us. We discuss the messages of good men. It inspires us and re-enforces our fragile beliefs that it’s going to be ok. It brings us closer to ourselves as we are entertained along the way. I like to pause the movie and make a refreshing beverage and perhaps discuss what has transpired with friends. I enjoy most genres as long as “the grab” is within the first 10 minutes. Some fine movies, well acted with good scripts leave me a bit cold in that it hasn’t taken into consideration ‘the audience’. There has to be ‘movement’ within the initial stages. The technical aspect (editing, screenplay, music, pace and location) has to be at the forefront and embedded deep within the structure from the get-go or the arty side will fail (actors and story-line). Book adaptations are a good start. You have an ‘already’ script layout to mull over. One thing that I am concerned about, that is hidden from public perception is that; what influences a movie being made and what content is allowed and why. The USA Air Force had their guys outside of movie theaters that featured “Top Gun” in order to recruit young men into the forces. The USA Forces have a big say in how a movie is shown or depicted. This propaganda machines fingerprint on how the public should view the world is a powerful machine hidden from scrutiny.

Cigarette companies are another obvious influence that comes to mind. Keeping their brand alive. Seeing a famous actor smoking for 3 seconds is a potential recruitment in taking up or reinforcing the habit. There was a time when there were hardly any cigarettes featured in movies and now you see the tobacco influence creeping back in. It is hard to raise money for a movie so I would imagine that you as a producer/director would have the cigarette men knocking down your door to get their product out there. There is a style of movie that is predominantly  and realistically violent and gory and unnecessary especially in light of the already violent nature of the real world. I don’t think that there is any justification to show all the scenes in graphic details; splatter movies. While I like action movies, I find that most of them rely too heavily on the CGI to mask the failure of the story line and perhaps to some degree the acting or even directing. The Jewish community own Hollywood and it worries me that their influences are taken for granted. If you suck up to them you are more likely favoured, given that your acting prowess is grounded.

pinkelephantIn 2017, with the world as it is, a reboot of “movie think” is required. What I mean is this. A single actor getting millions of dollars for one movie given the status of the world is a shocking indictment as is the price of movie tickets or a subscription to online content. Hollywood seems to steer movie content covertly in a certain direction; namely the capitalistic agenda. Movie content smacks of politics; head the viewer in a direction to suit their agenda. It’s hard finding independent movies with claws that have an ethically and morally sound message or exposé about the hidden aspects and nature of the world. The elephant in the room is not going away. The sooner we talk about it the sooner we can start enjoying the arts (music/poetry/comedy/food cuisine/painting/movies). Instead we get bland movies to dumb down our minds or divert our attention to the bigger picture: The Pink Elephant.


film Movie Top 100 film

◄  Movies to watch from start to finish without getting bored. Not in any chronological order. The classics speak for themselves ►

1. Crash – we have to crash into each other out of desperation. No way to meet. At the supermarket doesn’t cut it.


2. The Matrix 1999The Matrix Reloaded 2003The Matrix Revolution 2003 – shows the state of the world and the proverbial “wool over our eyes” trick…loved it. From the Wachowski Brothers.

3. V For Vendetta…another film from the same producers as Matrix. Anti establishment.

4. Alien 1979 Alien 1986Alien Resurrection 1997AVP: Alien vs Predator 2004AVP: Alien vs Predator – Requiem 2004

5. The House I Live In – depicts the failure of the war on drugs. Addiction is a Health issue not a legal one. The House We Live In

6. Cars (Pixar Animae) – loved it for its message of long, straight, boring and unsafe highways.

7. Avatar – what can I say…

8. Love ActuallyWonderfully inspiring movie epitomising the classic chick flick

9. Weeds the series – about time…funny and relevant.

10. Breaking Bad – whoah! brilliant and dark.

11. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy[incl: The Hobbit trilogy]

12. The Constant Gardener – An expose’ on the diamond and drug trade in Africa

13. District 9 and Elysium [same director]- Two of my favourite all time movies. The special FX/CGI was ground-breakingly inspiring.

14. Dallas Buyers Club – gonna be a cult movie.

15. The Prestige – excellently written and wonderfully magical and romantic

16. The Wolf Of Wall Street – True story of the corrupt traders.

17. American Beauty – wonderful insightful.

18. L.A. Confidential – entertainment plus

19. Conspiracy Theory – Action and well written

20. Gravity – new movie and exciting to watch.

21. Blade Runner – cult classic

22. Blackhawk Down – fantastic true story well acted and written.

23. Good Will Hunting – emotional drama. Well written

24. Fargo – excellent movie in the coldest place in USA. Violent but well done.

25. Hotel Rwanda – hold on to the edge of your seat. True story.

26. How To Train Your Dragon – fun movie for adults as well.

27. The Sixth Sense – drama. Excellent

28. Sin City – Film Noir modern and slick

29. Finding Nemo – great story and graphics from Pixar Animation.

30. Source Code – action plus. Interesting concept.

31. Love and Other Drugs – expose on how drugs are dispensed to doctors.

32. Rendition – well acted, directed and exposes criminal behaviour from our friends the American forces. A CIA analyst questions his assignment after witnessing an unorthodox interrogation at a secret detention facility outside the US.

33. Proof 2005 – great drama.

34. Shutter Island 2010 – how they treated mentally ill patients who weren’t sick or could have been cured.

35. Monsters Inc. – fun movie and well done.

36. Sucker Punch – CGI was wonderfully done

37. Battleship – good action and non boring movie. CGI was great.

38. Pacific Rim – ditto

39. Transformers 1 and 2 – these two movies were awesome 3 was a fail.

40. Silver Linings Playbook – humorous look through the eyes of crazies.

41. The Hours – drama about the effects of sexual freedoms and suicide. An inability to accept ones fate.

42. World War Z – zombie CGI end of days movie, suspenseful and well done with a great concept.

43. The Hurt Locker – During the Iraq War, a Sergeant recently assigned to a bomb squad is put at odds with his squad mates due to his maverick way of handling his work.

44. Side Effect – A young woman’s world unravels when a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist has unexpected side effects. A case of BigPharma.

45. Rise of the Planet of the Apes – A substance, designed to help the brain repair itself, gives rise to a super-intelligent chimp who leads an ape uprising. I loved the intensity and action, not to mention the CGI.

46. Before Midnight – Before Midnight is a beautiful story and is an accurate and authentic portrayal of love. The film is an absolute marvel, showcasing the very best dialogue and capturing the sheer essence of acting brilliance from stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Director Richard Linklater has also created the crowning work of his directorial career, showing incredible restraint and focus on two characters that still feel just as new and fresh as the day we met them. The film opens with a near fifteen minute take that gets its hook into you and never lets up. It’s a cinematic sensation.One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. A real sleeper and will become a cult movie. I highly recommend you watch them from the first one for highest impact.  Here is an interview about the trilogy and an expose’ Here

before sunrise 19951. Before Sunrise 1995

before sunset 20042. Before Sunset 2005

Before Midnight3. Before Midnight 2011

47. Suicide Squad

suicide squad

48. Django Unchained – One of his best.

49. Inception – Great SciFi story concept.

50. 13 Hours – Benghazi. Well done, especially knowing it actually happened.

13 hours.jpg

51. John Carter – based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars; a novel first published a century ago. I am a huge Sci Fi fan. This rides alongside greats like Avatar and surpasses Star Wars, as great as SW’s is. Each scene is a gem on all levels. Taylor Kitsch is the new Harrison Ford. 10 out of 10.


52. In Your Eyes – A gem of a movie. Well acted, script is wonderfully written and plausible from start to finish. Love movies aren’t my type of genre as most are portrayed badly. Loved Zoe Kazan, she is very good looking/sexy as and the chemistry with Michael Stahl-David her lead man is spot on. Full of love…made me feel all gooey.


53. Aloha – Stumbled upon this one on Netflix. What hooked me in was the script. I love a script that’s believable and intelligently written. The chemistry worked well with the leads. Well acted and romantic. Good entertainment. The underlying message was something that I am passionate about. Made me cry in the end.


54. Men Women and Children – Brilliant in every respect. A must see and modern movie for today’s people. Highly recommend.


55. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore – Enjoyed this quirky but excellent movie for its originality and message. Acting was excellent as was the script and screenplay. Melanie Lynskey was a perfect choice for this role.



Melanie Lynskey

56. A Little Help – Enjoyed this indie film for its originality and quirkiness.

a little help

57. Friends with Kids – great acting and script was spot on. Casting was dope. The realism got me laughing and overall good entertainment even for those who aren’t parents. YET!

Friends with kids

58. Selfless – I liked this sci-fi action movie. It had unsuspecting twists and turns with a good story line. 7/10.


59. Edge of Tomorrow – Tom Cruise in this Groundhog Day type of movie with a twist. Action and CGI were excellent as was the story line. Great script and all acting was superbly brewed. 9/10.

Edge of Tomorrow

60. The First Time – A 8.5/10 teen movie. Well done with sensitivity and good script. Story kept me interested till the end. Usually I am not a big fan of these types of movies but this one stood out.

The First Time

61. Shameless – A 9/10. A poor family, a house, a small community, a drunken dad and loads of well developed characters. Story-line is well thought out and delivered with a sense of realism. Not your ordinary Hollywood movie. Funny and genuinely gut hilarious. Sex that is actually sexy.


62. The Way Way Back – movie with lots of heart.

The way way back.jpg

63. Miss Stevens – this was an unexpected gem. School teacher and student. Drama.

Miss Stevens

64. A Perfect Day – compelling drama/comedy. Set in the Bosnian war a group of activists help the locals fight injustice. Well acted and a great story plot line.

a perfect day_1.jpg


Actors that I admire and not in any order of merit. Some actors haven’t come up to scratch in the past but lately have shown at the very least that entertainment comes first.
Tuesday 28 February 2017
Lately, we’ve seen the crumbling movie industry in Hollywood sticking their noses into the political arena. Oh…by crumbling, I mean, the Jewish one size fits all style of movie thrust upon us is showing signs of collapsing under all that money. We all have gotten a bit bored with the same style of Jewish script writing. The comic movie puts me to sleep. I have found that Netflix has taken up the charge with some good movies with relatively unknown actors. This will be the new meta.

1. Matthew McConaughey – finally accepted as a fine actor.
2. Meryl Streep – award winning actress. Keep your bs politics away from me.
3. Christian Bale – this actor does what it takes. The Machinist is cult..hard to watch but brilliant.
4. Bradley Cooper – versatile  and adaptable actor
5. Jennifer Lawrence – new babe on the block that sexed her way to the top
6. Amy Adams – American Hustle, Man of Steel, Enchanted et al.
7. Edward Norton – can play diverse range of parts.
8. Leonardo Di Capprio – versatile and wonderful to watch. Big movies.
9. Kevin Spacey – American Beauty, to name a few. Broken now
10. Russel Crowe
11. Jake Gyllenhaal and sister Maggie
12. Jason Statham – I like this actor for the action movies he’s acted in. He does that one thing well. Loads of entertainment.
13. Vera Farmiga – love her work. She is horny.
14. Casey Affleck and bro Ben – don’t know about Ben.
15. Ethan Hawke
16. Julie Delpy
17. Margot Robbie
18. Zoe Kazan
19. Emma Stone
20. John Cusack – for his honesty and insightfulness towards everything. His latest movie made in Argentina called “We’re No Animals” that also starred the great Al Pacino.
21. Matt Damon – good honest actor that speaks his common sense mind. Stay out of politics.


Directors – will add more later…..

1. The Wachowski Bros. Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas – Well not now. Brother and sister it seems. One of the brothers has had a sex change. No soz…they both have. Not sure if he was chopped tho’. I don’t care, as long as he keeps on making great movies.
2. Cohen Bros – Where Art Thou Brother, Fargo et al. These directors have a moralist approach. Religion is heavily featured and long.
3. Martin Scorsese – Wolf Of Wall Street ++
4. Ridley Scott – Blade Runner, Alien series, Blackhawk Down, Gladiator, The Counselor etc.
5. Steven Spielberg – Star Wars and Raiders etc – yeah although totally Hollywood, has made landmark movies.
6. Michael Bay – the excellent 13 Hours, Transformers 2007 and The Island 2005 just to name a few.



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