canofworms…boo hoo wah…noo…not the can of worms…

I don’t know whether I should put all of my whinging here. Only thing is I’m not a whinger per se. Perhaps I could put all of my beefs; those nagging thoughts best put down on paper! I hate redneck TV presenters and their guests, who just shut down anything remotely resembling honesty. How did these people get their jobs? Hate people who regurgitate their past over again, like they can’t let go. There is a time to grieve over the past, but not too long or you’re not letting it go and it has a hold on you.


Call of Duty Black Ops – I love playing the franchised games but there are drawbacks and side effects. Dry mouth, dizziness, swearing, rage quitting (leaving the game cos some noob shot u), headaches, shortness of breath and irregular heart beat. But, apart from the aforementioned criterion, it’s fun to play on odd occasions. Balance. Play for an hour then stop. The WiFi will have adverse effects as well, so don’t be using headphones all the time. There was the first original game and you can only get it through PS3 Network. Then there is World at War. Then there is Black Ops Modern Warfare 2 – 4 and 3, and Ghosts all made by the same team “Infinity Ward”. The two COD BO 1 & 2 were the best. These two gems were made by “Treyarch”.

ripperCall of Duty Black Ops (COD BO) Ghosts – a lot of people don’t like the setup of this game, including me. It’s just wrong. The layout, the guns and the sound that they make is old hat. The graphics are still cloudy and its hard to see. The noise level is annoying. They use dogs as a companion to each soldier (if you choose). This game is made by Infinity Ward. Treyarch are the company that know what gamers want. Their two games developed were COD BO 1 and 2 and their new one is called Titan Fall. But enough…just thought I’d tell ya…..ghosts


Destiny-2 WallpaperD E S T I N Y – Love this game until Destiny 2 came out. It was fun too but ran out of things to do quickly. (Sunday 31 Dec 2017)


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