Twenty-first century medicine boasts a number of treatments that are actually very dangerous to human health, none more so than for cancer. Every year in the United Kingdom, 200,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and 152,500 people die. In the United States, the annual death rate for this disease is approximately 547,000. These deaths are recorded as cancer deaths, but how many of these deaths are really attributable to the disease itself? How many deaths should in fact be recorded as “death by doctoring”? drugs-business

When we consider that conventional treatment consists almost entirely of radiation, chemotherapy and the long-term application of toxic pharmaceuticals treatments which are all well known for their life-threatening side-effects–then the question becomes all the more legitimate. On chemotherapy, for instance, note the following:

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.” (Allen Levin, MD, UCSF, The Healing of Cancer, Marcus Books, 1990)

But should we find this so surprising? After all, it’s no secret that with global spending on conventional cancer treatments running into the hundreds of billions of pounds and dollars annually, any news of a successful anticancer treatment extracted from the simple apricot kernel could do some serious damage to the wealth of the mighty Cancer Inc.

Chemotherapy is an invasive and toxic treatment able to supposedly eliminate cancer cells. Unfortunately, its ferocious chemistry is not able to differentiate between the cancerous cells and surrounding healthy tissue. Put simply, chemo is an intravenously administered poison that kills all living matter by degrees. The immune system is hit hard and doesn’t recuperate enough to protect itself against common illnesses, which can lead to death.

I mean, we often hear of the success stories from celeb’s (aka Kylie Minogue). Good, she was one of the lucky ones. But we don’t hear of those unlucky patients that forgot to take out their insurance policy before entering the hospital.

Three quarters of those who die during cancer treatment do so through infections as a result of immune system failure. Side effects can include dizziness, skin discolouration, sensory loss, audio/visual impairment, nausea, diarrhoea, loss of hair, loss of appetite leading to malnutrition, loss of sex drive, loss of white blood cells, permanent organ damage, organ failure, internal bleeding, tissue loss and cardiovascular leakage (artery deterioration), to name but a few.

Doctors were asked to answer a questionnaire as to how much faith they had in chemo treatments. Most answered that they had little faith if administered chemotherapy on their own families. Go figure.


One significant factor is our submissive attitude to the medical orthodoxy and its archetypal symbolism: the white coat, the stethoscope, the years of knowledge represented in those framed degrees. Every artifact speaks of our being in the hands of experts, lets not forget the added pressure exerted at the point of diagnosis by Doctor X.

We are bullied with unfounded, pro establishment headlines: “Another breakthrough at UCLA…yeah but with darn mice. Or “Cancer vaccine close…yes, close since 1975…but please, continue to give generously, because next time it might be you! There hasn’t been a new break through since polio vaccines…and even that is now in question.

So, next time you are asked to donate to a cancer charity, bear in mind that your money will be used to sustain an industry which has been deemed by many eminent scientists as a qualified failure and others as a complete fraud. As far back as 1976, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute terminated the routine use of mammography for woman under 50yrs because of it detrimental carcinogenic effects. A study in Canada found that women who had routine mammograms before the age of 50 also had increased death rates from breast cancer by 36%.

What is clear is that mammography can’t prevent breast cancer or the spread of it. By the time a tumor is large enough to be detected by mammography, it’s been there as long as 12 years, so it’s ridiculous to advertise as ‘early detection’.

The painful compression of breast tissue itself increases the possibility of metastasis by 80%. Doctors claim that between 10% and 17% of the time, breast cancer is non-life-threatening type called ‘ductal carcinoma in situ’. This harmless cancer can be made active by the compressive force of routine mammography.

“Most extensive studies show no increased survival rates from routine screening mammograms. After reviewing all available literature in the world on the subject, noted researchers Dr’s Wright and Mueller of the University of British Columbia recommended the withdrawal of public funding for mammography screening because the ‘benefit achieved is marginal and the harm caused is substantial’. (Lancet, July 1. 1995)

Chemotherapy is a Waste of MoneyDr. Peter Glidden talks about chemo being a money grab.

12 Bad Foods by Dr Peter Glidden, NDDr. Peter Glidden talks about the 12 bad foods.

Fooling Ourselves On The Value Of Vaccines

Analysis of statistical data confirms that the death rate for major illnesses such as measles, diphtheria and whooping cough were in significant decline long before vaccines aimed at preventing these diseases were even introduced. There is a belief which lies at the heart of vaccination, one which predicates all discussion, investigation and appraisal of it. The importance of this belief is not generally appreciated; but not only is it the foundation of vaccination, it also serves as one of the cornerstones of the temple of modern medicine.

Aids Hoax

Jane Burgermeister

After such a long time, we finally find out the real story. In 1981, the world was terrified into believing a myth. The AIDS/HIV Myth. How long will it take to look closer at the medical fraternity’s corruption. Remember, if you are well, you don’t need a doctor. Biologist Christl Meyer’s explains

Fibromyalgia reversed


Common sense approach to the health of our body. Dr. John Bergman explains

Beliefs About Our Past
more to come….

Oh my word!


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4 thoughts on “HEALTH

  1. 1. Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs
    2. No More Fake News

    In court, the tide may be turning against psychiatric-drug damage.
    A recent jury decision, in which Dr. Peter Breggin testified as an expert witness, highlighted the extreme danger of the drugs.

    The civil case was filed on behalf of a boy diagnosed with autism, who was then dosed with antidepressants and anti-psychotic medications (Risperdal and Zyprexa).
    The boy developed two conditions, called tardive dyskinesia and tardive akathisia. Dr, Breggin’s website (Here) depicts these conditions:

    “Tardive dyskinesia describes a group of persistent or permanent movement disorders caused by antipsychotic (neuroleptic) drugs including Risperdal, Zyprexa, Invega, Abilify, Geodon, Seroquel, Latuda, Fanapt and Saphris. In addition to typical tardive dyskinesia spasms and twitches of his face, eyelids, and tongue, the youngster developed a severe case of tardive akathisia involving torturous internal agitation that drove him into constant, unrelenting motion.” Tardive dyskinesia can most definitely indicate motor brain damage.

    In this civil suit, the Chicago jury came back with a judgment against the treating psychiatrist, Howard Segal. The jury award was $1.5 million.

    Psychiatrists have been uttering these homilies for 40 years.

    They’re no more compelling than, “Buy one now and get the second one free. And that’s not all…”


  2. What really gets me is no one wants to look at preventing cancer, which was virtually unknown prior to the industrial revolution. Like, for example, eliminating nuclear power plants (which are all release ionizing radiation routinely, even when there are no accidents) and banning toxic chemicals that serve as endocrine disruptors. I can’t believe they still allow the use of these products in cosmetics, sunscreen, shampoo and household cleaning products – which people are in intimate contact with daily.


    • Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems by my intuition (that’s all I can trust ) that there is a global movement, not really an organisation or institution but these also but a trend of sorts that somehow through the forces and powers to be are illuminating and uncovering the nasties behind the scenes that foist this upon the unsuspecting public just for the quick buck. “The Great Game” they call it. Nothing to do with morals or ethics. This will stop once a saturation point is reached and change will occur to finally benefit humanity. In the meantime, we communicate and tell the rest of the world of these pitfalls. This is just one area of concern to me but if you want to put it bluntly…the whole system is broke….cheers…


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